Finistère trails - all about walking and cycling in Finistère

Cycling trails in Finistère: 2,500km of mountain biking over 8 bases and 138 circuits

Get your fill of thrills on a mountain bike!

With 2,500km of mountain-bike trails, 8 bases and 138 circuits, Finistère is the go-to destination for serious mountain bikers. Whether it’s by the sea or on the summits of Brittany, the signed circuits enable you to get on your bike safely. There are also outings to join throughout the year, thanks to the various cycling clubs from north to south in this region.

Signposting of mountain bike trails

Signalisation des sentiers VTTOur mountain bike trails are signed using two circles, topped by a triangle – these are usually in yellow, but can be red for trails of more than 80km and brown for circuits in regional natural parks.
Each circuit carries its own number that is also shown on the signposts, and in a colour that reflects its difficulty: green = very easy, blue = easy, red = difficult, black = very difficult. These logos are laid out by the French Cycling Federation.

A bit of practical advice

  • Take the signed routes and respect the direction of the route
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Don’t overestimate your ability, and stay in control of your bike at all times
  • If cycling alone, tell someone where you’re headed before you leave
  • Be courteous, carefully overtaking any pedestrians or horse-riders and remembering that they have priority
  • Respect nature and private property

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Comité de cyclotourisme du Finistère (FFCT)
159 Boulevard de Creac'h Gwen
29000 Quimper
0033 (0)2 98 52 00 81

Comité départemental de cyclisme du Finistère (FFC)
Cours de la gare
29150 Châteaulin
0033 (0)2 98 73 29 88

On the website, you’ll find maps of all the permanent trails on offer.

Mountain bike bases and zones

Mountain bike bases and zones (‘bases VTT’ and ‘espaces VTT’ in French) are information points where you can find out whatever you need to know about the mountain bike circuits. Here’s where you’ll find them!

VTT sur la presqu'île de Crozon

The base for Crozon Peninsula and Porzay / Ménez Hom

Open your eyes: here are some unbeatable views at the edge of the world!
No-one can resist this invitation to experience one discovery after another: the Aulne Valley, the summit of the Ménez-Hom, headlands with a sheer drop, majestic coastal points and the wide-open grandeur of Douarnenez Bay.

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VTT sur les bords de la rivière Odet

The base for the Odet Valley / Quimper

Get ready for some ever-changing scenery! As a family or group of friends, head off to discover  the Odet Valley, at times a small, wild watercourse, at others a magnificent enclosed river – or opt for the coastlines of Fouesnant or the countryside steeped in Breton history.

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VTT dans les Monts d'Arrée

The base for the Arrée Mountains/ Black Mountains

Two mountain ranges and one mountain-bike base: adrenaline rushes guaranteed! Let go off everything and pedal your heart out on the trails of these 15 colourful circuits.

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VTT dans le Cap Sizun près de la Pointe du Raz

The base for Ouest Cornouaille, Pays Bigouden - Cap Sizun – Douarnenez Bay

The mountain bike base for Ouest Cornouaille (western French Cornwall) reveals a truly diverse range of landscapes through circuits of various lengths and difficulties. There’s a total of some 400km of signed circuits along trails and minor roads.

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Vue aérienne de la Pointe Saint-Mathieu

The mountain bike zone for the Iroise Sea

Exploring the Pays d’Iroise is a chance to enjoy your favourite sport at the edge of the world, on the westernmost tip of France. There’s nowhere else like it for truly appreciating the landscapes and seascapes, the changing light and fresh sea air! A dozen trails and paths cover both family outings and sporty challenges.

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VTT dans les Monts d'Arrée

The zone for Morlaix - Monts d'Arrée

The mountain bike zone for Morlaix – Monts d’Arrée is an exceptional area for mountain biking, between the enclosed wooded valley of Queffleuth and Brittany’s highest, wildest peaks.

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VTT à Guilligomarc'h

The mountain bike zone for Cornouaille

Located on the edge of Finistère, the mountain bike zone for Cornouaille offers 46 circuits to discover the valleys and meandering coast of south Brittany.
Including Concarneau, Pont-Aven and Quimperlé this area has plenty for experts but also for family outings. Trails in this part of Cornouaille alternate between the maritime flavours of ‘Armor’ (meaning the sea in Breton) and the wooded valleys of ‘Argoat’ (meaning the countryside).

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