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Top 15 tips for preparing your outing

Set off confidently!

A good walk is always better with some preparation beforehand. Here’s some advice to help you to plan your next walk in Brittany..

Before you leave
  • Check the forecast, as the weather can change quickly in Finistère, so you’ll need to set off with the right clothing.
  • If you are planning a walk along the seaside, do check what time the tide is coming in and out.
  • Get hold of some walking guides that suit your planned activity. They will help you to explore the area, and to estimate the length and difficulty of the path you have in mind.
  • Don’t forget to take your ID and a mobile phone.
Some advice
  • Stay hydrated whatever the season. Take plenty of water with you, either in bottles or in a water pouch.
  • In summer, take a hat with you and suncream. You can get sunburn even when the sky is covered. In winter, remember your hat and coat, as it can get rather blowy on the coasts of Brittany.
  • On the coast, please remember that the coastal path is only for pedestrians.
  • Be very careful near the cliffs, beware of any gaps and of the sea, as the waves can get very high.
  • Don’t go into any private properties or farms - carefully follow the signposted, secure paths.
  • Respect the natural environment. Some areas are very fragile and cannot withstand footsteps, especially dunes, peat bogs, and the nesting areas of certain birds. Also, in spring and in summer, many wild animals will be giving birth and raising their young.
  • Please don’t let your dog off the lead: keep him near you and remember to give him a drink if it gets hot.
  • Don’t pick any wild flowers or fruit.
  • Please take your rubbish away with you and throw it in the nearest appropriate bin.
  • Do not make any fires, and do not throw cigarette butts in any natural areas or on the beach. Nature is, of course, very sensitive to fire.
  • Protecting natural sites means keeping them unique and exceptional, for you and for those who will follow in your footsteps...

Signposts on paths and trails

Balisage des sentiers pédestres The long-distance GR walking paths are signed using rectangles painted either in white and red or yellow and red. The shorter PR paths are often signed using a yellow rectangle.
You can also follow the very useful information set out in the guidebooks called Topo-guides that are produced by the French Walking Federation.
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To find out more

Contact Finistère’s Walking and Hiking Board

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